Client: Private
Project Type: Residential building complex
Project Value: Confidential
Services: Turnkey solution
The more ambitious is the client the more ambitious is the project. This apartment belongs to a young successful businessman. Interiors reflect the presence in the space of a real strong man; simple straight lines and absence of round corners and winding bends give to the space the feeling of brutalism. the texture as one of the dominant décor elements we have applied concrete like tiles and natural stone for the bathroom. The combination of textures is perfectly combined with a monochrome color palette with bright accents like sandy chairs finished in leather. High tech silver kitchen island reflects direct sunlight, illuminating the area furnished with dark pieces. The same concept as for the whole space is applied when furnishing two bedrooms, functional and minimalistic furniture was placed in these rooms, separated from two bathrooms with transparent glass partitions. Main bedroom is equipped with four- poster bedstead- a perfect place to watch favorite films on plasma display panel installed on wall. The client is fond of travelling, especially visiting ancient buildings for this reason we’ve decorated several walls with large photos of an Indian temple Tamilnadu, Milan cathedral and colosseum in Rome.